Spider veins are small and unsightly veins that usually do not cause any clinical concern. The most common areas they occur are on the legs, particularly in the thighs and below the knees. They can be aesthetically displeasing to some, and there are techniques to treat these veins usually with injection sclerotherapy.

Foam Sclerotherapy

The small surface spider veins are identified and targeted under direct vision with magnifying loupes. Any areas that you are concerned about can be discussed and highlighted for treatment. The small surface spider veins are then injected with a sclerosant with a tiny needle. The sclerosant is a liquid that is made up to a foam consistency that once injected, displaces the blood away and causes a reaction to the wall of the veins, eventually causing them to close and collapse.

Depending on the number and location of spider veins requiring treatment, a single treatment session or multiple sessions may be required to achieve the desired effect as there is a limit on the amount of foam sclerosant that can be used in one session.

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Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound techniques can be used to help target any feeding veins that are not visible from the surface of the skin that may be contributing to the development of the spider veins. The foam sclerosant is visible on ultrasound in real time and ensures precise injection into the targeted veins.

Once the veins are injected, an appropriately fitted class II compression stocking is essential to keep the veins collapsed and ensure the success of the procedure. It also decreases the amount of bruising and inflammation of the tissues.

What to expect?

Sclerotherapy and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy is performed in the treatment room at one of our locations as a day procedure. Depending on the numner of veins that are treated, the time of the procedure usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

The injections are performed on the affected areas, and the injection sites are covered with small pressure pad dressings. After the completion of the procedure, we will show you how to apply and wear the class II compression stocking.

The compression stocking should be worn during the day for approximately two weeks but can be removed for showering/bathing and they do not need to be worn to sleep.

After the procedure when you go home:

  • Some mild bruising and skin irritation can be expected from the injection sites.
  • Initially the injected veins can become darker and look more prominent before they begin to fade away.
  • Mild blistering can occur at the injection sites which will settle down over time.
  • Mild pain and tenderness along the injected veins can occur and this is a normal inflammatory reaction which generally settles down with simple oral anti-inflammatory medication
  • Walking for at least 30 minutes per day is recommended to reduce the risk of developing clots in the legs
  • Swimming and vigorous exercise should be avoided initially until your review appointment
  • Normal activities can be resumed the next day
  • If you develop any of the following please contact the rooms to speak with one of our staff
    • Significant rash
    • Significant pain/swelling of the leg/foot/injection sites
    • Significant breakdown of the skin
    • Significant redness or discharge from the injection sites

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