• Apr 8, 2020
  • Dr David Goh
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At YVS, patient safety is our number one priority. In keeping with this and the recent developments and recommendations from state and federal health levels, including our governing bodies RACS and the ANZSVS, we will only be booking in absolutely necessary urgent surgical cases for the time being.

Common examples of these would be operations for enlarging aneurysms that have reached threshold size, operations for severe peripheral vascular disease causing ulcers/gangrene/pain at rest, operations for dialysis access for renal failure, operations to prevent stroke. This list is by no means complete and we will make an informed decision about each and every case that is booked. If you are unsure if your symptoms meet the criteria, please do not hesitate to contact us for an assessment.

We have compiled a list of FAQ that may answer some of your concerns about surgery during COVID-19.

Why are we stopping elective surgery?

There are various reasons, however the important goals of stopping elective surgery are:

  • Reducing patient contact, and limiting patient presence in hospital to reduce infection and transmission of COVID-19
  • Reduction in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be saved for more urgent cases and specifically treating COVID-19 patients
  • Reduction in the use of hospital beds that can be saved for the expected rise in COVID-19 admissions in the next few weeks

What does this mean for patients that already have a booking?

Patients that already have bookings will be contacted and advised if surgery will proceed. In the event that your procedure is cancelled, we will contact you as soon as it has been deemed safe to proceed with your procedure and provide you with various options for your surgery.

What does this mean for my current condition?

We are aware that some conditions and symptoms may deteriorate over this period of uncertainty. If you have any concerns that your condition has deteriorated or you are in any way concerned about the delay of surgery, please do not hesitate to contact us for an updated assessment. There may be times where a change in symptoms may instigate more expedient surgical treatment.

Should I still see someone for non-urgent conditions?  

At Yarra Vascular Surgeons we are still providing regular and telehealth consultations at our normal locations. Where conditions are non-urgent, a telehealth consultation may be recommended and beneficial to reduce contact and to enhance social distancing measures. This can be done initially and then a follow up plan can be organised at your convenience.

As always, our absolute priority is to establish the utmost safety of our patients in this uncertain time. Please stay safe and look after your loved ones.


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