Varicose veins are common and present in many forms and varying degrees of severity. These can range from spider veins to large ropy veins, minor eczema to venous ulcers. Given the wide range of disease presentation one treatment does not fit all.

At Yarra Vascular Surgeons you will receive a comprehensive evaluation which includes, in most locations, an on site venous ultrasound scan. After a thorough assessment of your condition and investigations, our vascular surgeons will advise you on the optimal treatment option for you. In some cases, all that the patient requires is reassurance that the veins are not of any clinical concern whilst in others treatment is required in order to prevent further deterioration.

Our surgeons are highly skilled in the performing both minimally invasive varicose vein treatments (endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy) and open varicose veins surgery which in some individuals is still the best option.

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What Makes Us Different

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First group Vascular practice in Melbourne which means that you will always receive 24/7 care.

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Full range of minimally
invasive and surgical options.

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Complimentary vein health consultations & vein health assessment for cosmetic veins for new patients.

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Experience dealing with
complex cases.

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Insured and non-insured patients are welcome.

competitive fees

Fair and reasonable
fee structure.


Experts in the very latest in minimal invasive endovascular techniques.


Onsite ultrasound


Wide range of consulting locations in Victoria.

Book your initial consultation to receive a thorough assessment of your condition

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  • Yarra Vascular Surgeons consult at various locations across Victoria.
  • We offer initial consultations and review appointments, and we can see patients who would like a second opinion.
  • At Yarra Vascular Surgeons we aim to see all referrals within two weeks or less, depending on the urgency of the condition.
  • We are focussed on providing accessible and timely care to our patients, eliminating  waiting times and providing an after hours service.

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