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The formation of Yarra Vascular Surgeons came about after a realisation that a team approach to Vascular Surgery care was far superior to what we could each achieve as individuals in solo private practice. Despite the simplicity of this premise, Yarra Vascular Surgeons is the first Vascular Surgery group practice in Melbourne. Our goal is to provide continuous care for Vascular Surgery patients with a multi disciplinary approach through teamwork and collaboration.

The surgical team at Yarra Vascular Surgeons are all highly trained, skilled vascular and endovascular specialists with the main focus on expeditious and holistic treatment. The surgeons have all been trained in Melbourne predominantly, with overseas and interstate experience.

The Yarra Vascular Surgeons team are like minded and work collaboratively as visiting specialists, and maintain regular tertiary appointments at leading teaching hospitals in Melbourne including The Northern Hospital and The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Yarra Vascular Surgeons takes pride in providing a multi-disciplinary led, evidence based, comprehensive vascular service with excellent communication and continuous coverage.

All three surgeons are fellows of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and members of the Australasian New Zealand Society for Vascular Surgery.

At Yarra Vascular Surgeons, we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. We believe that our patients deserve the best care and we make an effort to make sure you always feel welcome and at ease.

Yarra in the indigenous language means 'free flowing' which is an appropriate name for a Vascular Surgery Practice. We will ensure we flow with modern practice and deliver you the most up to date and evidence based care.

Mr Srikkanth Rangarajan

Mr Srikkanth Rangarajan
FRACS (Vasc)

Endovascular & Renal
Access Surgeon


mr iman bayat

Mr Iman Bayat
FRACS (Vasc)

Vascular, Endovascular
& Complex
Venous Surgeon


Mr David Goh

Mr David Goh

Vascular, Endovascular,
Renal Access &
Spinal Access Surgeon


Associated Specialists

Dr Tim Pianta

Dr Tim Pianta





  • Excellence in care
  • Evidence based practice, up to date and continually improving
  • Seamless communication with the patient, family, and treating physicians
  • Unparalleled teamwork, multiple professionals achieving patients’ health goals
  • Always there, working around the clock for our patients


To implement team care into mainstream vascular surgery private practice and to be a world leader in caring for patients with vascular disease .


Access and Equity - As providers of world-class treatment at Yarra Vascular Surgeons, we ensure equity for all patients who would like to access our services. To that end, we travel to regional centres across Victoria. We offer our services to those with and without private health insurance, and are involved in public-private partnerships. Given that all of our surgeons have appointments at public hospitals within Melbourne (and some regional centres), we confidently welcome referrals for insured and non-insured patients.

Informed Financial Consent - At Yarra Vascular Surgeons we understand that high quality health care can involve out of pocket costs. We believe in fair pricing that is reflective of the service we provide and that incorporates the standards set by the Australian Medical Association. We strongly endorse and practice the process of detailed written and informed financial consent prior to any procedure. A procedure is often a major milestone in life; we support and encourage patients to take time in coming to any decision.

Shared Decision Making - At Yarra Vascular Surgeons our goal is to make a thorough assessment, formulate a sound diagnosis, and provide the patient with all the options available, both surgical and non-surgical. We then undertake a shared discussion (including the patient, their family and treating physicians) to determine which option should be pursued. Where we believe having a procedure is not in the patient’s best interests, we will not recommend it.


What Makes Us Different


First group Vascular practice in Melbourne which means that you will always receive 24/7 care.

full range options

Full range of minimally
invasive and surgical options.


Complimentary vein screening assessment for new patients.


Experience dealing with
complex cases with a multi-team approach.


Options for both insured and non-insured patients.

competitive fees

Payment plan options
are available.


Experts in the very latest in minimal invasive endovascular techniques.


Onsite ultrasound


Wide range of consulting locations in Victoria.

Services Provided

Consultation - Yarra Vascular Surgeons consult at various locations across Victoria. We offer initial consultations and review appointments, and we can see patients who would like a second opinion. At Yarra Vascular Surgeons we aim to see all referrals within two weeks or less, depending on the urgency of the condition. We are focussed on providing accessible and timely care to our patients, eliminating waiting times and providing an after hours service.

Procedures - We undertake both office based and hospital procedures. Minor procedures, especially in the treatment of varicose veins, can be performed in the Yarra Vascular Surgeons treatment rooms. This is done with the utmost care and patient comfort in mind, and minimises cost for the patient and the health system.

Vascular ultrasound - We incorporate a professional vascular ultrasound service within our practice, both for diagnostic and interventional purposes. Diagnostic scans are provided at no additional cost to the patient. Overall, this ensures that vascular diagnosis and management are undertaken efficiently.

Accreditation & Memberships


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